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Laryngograph® Ltd

Laryngograph® Ltd has been collaborating with and supplying equipment to speech therapists, ENT departments, hearing clinics, speech scientists, phoneticians and singing teachers throughout the world since 1973. The company produces display and assessment systems which provide accurate, relevant and representative measures of the important constituents of speech. We attach particular importance to the measurement and display of real, continuous speech and not simply sustained vowels.

The company has been at the forefront in the development of electro-laryngography (also known as electro-glottography, or EGG), a technique for the monitoring of vocal fold contact without interfering in the normal processes of speaking and singing. The Lx (EGG) signals produced by this apparatus have become an important tool for those who need to understand speech and the dynamics of the vocal fold cycle in normal and pathological voice, whether for clinical or research purposes.

We manufacture and supply physical equipment for electrolaryngography, videoendoscopy and stroboscopy - and develop complementary software which performs a variety of analyses as well as integrating the results with other measures of the voice.





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