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Our Users:

Speech and Language Therapists
Speech Studio uses acoustic, laryngographic and other physiological signals to produce perceptually relevant displays of speech patterns. These assist the therapist in work with clients on voice regularity, voice quality, pitch and loudness control. The patterns also provide crucial quantitative measures of the range, regularity and quality of the parameters being assessed. An important feature of the analyses is that they can be derived from samples of normal, continuous speech, in addition to isolated, sustained vowels. New displays show nasality and frication.

Clinicians (ENT Departments)
On its own, the Laryngograph® provides a means to assess vocal fold action quantitatively, including basic measures of: regularity of vibration, open and closed quotients and sound pressure level during periods of continuous speech. These are displayed and stored via Speech Studio software running on a PC.

Beyond this, we have recently added a stroboscopic system for video endoscopy of the vocal folds to our product range. The LxStrobe3 uses the Laryngograph® waveform for precise definition of the moment at which the imaging light flash is triggered. Images are then captured directly to the PC for display, analysis and playback.

This provides a number of significant advantages over alternative approaches where triggers are based upon pitch extraction from the audio signal. LxStrobe3 allows greater accuracy of triggering, enables the disambiguation of images, and makes it possible to deal with irregularities in vocal fold vibration caused by speech pathologies.

Speech science, phonetics & linguistics, spoken language engineering
Laryngograph® data acquisition, speech analysis and database tools are used for:-

* real time interactive displays of contrastive speech patterns
* the construction of reference and training corpora
* analysis of speech processing system performance and many other varied applications.

Uses range from student level course work to advanced phonetic and linguistic research.

Those who care for and develop the professional voice
The displays within Speech Studio are relevant to actors and singers working on vocal efficiency and the avoidance of abuse. In many cases video endoscopy with LxStrobe3 will offer additional insights into the underlying causes of voice problems.





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