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System specifications

Precision Stroboscopy - Full System Specifications

A medical grade isolation transformer provides protection via separate outputs for the light source and all ancillary equipment.


Lamp - High efficiency xenon lamp with integral mirror. Maximum input 300W.
Variable input energy 0.5J - 2J/flash at 50 Hz. UV rejection coating.
Flash duration - 10µs
Colour temp. - 12,000 K, for stroboscopic illumination mode
Lamp life - > 100 million flashes at 1 J/flash ( > 550 hours at 50 Hz)



  • P4 processor, 512 MB RAM, 300GB SATA HDD, 300GB external drive, DVD+RW
  • Broadcast standard RGB framegrabber card
  • 3 way footswitch Record start/stop, Mark/Grab, Playback
  • Windows XP professional
Laryngograph® PROCESSOR:

Microphone: Omnidirectional (pressure sensitive) electret, +/- 2dB 100Hz to 10kHz noise level 26dB (SPLA), dynamic range 88dB
Laryngograph®: Gold plated electrodes in small, medium and large sizes
Bandwidth: +/- 1dB, 1Hz to 10kHz
Gain: 0-22.5dB, software adjustable

Analog inputs: 4 channel, +/- 5V, 16-bit A to D, 90dB dynamic range
Sampling rate: 24, 16, 12kHz
PC Interface: USB 2.0

LxStrobe3 has three modes

Live camera mode

  • generates flash triggers to light source
  • captures video to hard disk simultaneously with speech and Laryngograph® waveforms with choice of compressed (MJPEG) or uncompressed quality
  • mark good sections during recording with footswitch
  • snapshot mode to grab 1, 2 or 4 images direct to printer (no capture)

    Movie player

  • replay recordings simultaneously with speech and Laryngograph® waveforms
  • instant access to marked sections
  • edit recordings
  • write clinical notes

    Edit mode

  • multiple image view with marker on Laryngograph® waveform indicating the phase at which the flash occurred
  • montage view of a complete slow motion cycle
  • animation of a complete slow motion cycle
  • side-by-side phase synchronized comparison of stroboscopic recordings
  • generate print outs



The picture (right) shows the LxStrobe3 system mounted on its trolley
(60 x 60 x 116 cm). It offers recording, playback and editing of high quality imaes, printing on industry standard printers and paper, random access and archiving with hard disk, CD or DVD+R/W, report writing with Word and links to other programs e.g. for EGG analysis.

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